Masashi Nakandakari’s work contract



Masashi Nakandakari, a native of Okinawa-ken, on August 6, 1914 signed with Toyo Imin Goshigaisha Emigration Company a contract to work on Hacienda Tambo Real, located in Santa province, Ancash, Peru.

The conditions of his contract established that its term would be for one year. During that time he would work less than 10 hours on a sugar plantation or less than 12 hours at sugar mills. Besides Sundays, he would rest on four Peruvian holidays and on “Tenchosetsu.”

As payment for his work he would receive one (1) sol and 20 cents — approximately one (1) Japanese yen and 20 cents per day or per a given task. The company would deduct 20 cents per day from these wages as guarantee.