Hb24 “Bentō”(lunch pail)


The City of Hiroshima

Product of Fujii Junichi Shoten Ltd. Made in Japan.
Junichi Fujii immigrated to Hawaii in 1899 at the age of 15. He saved up money from working as a sugar plantation laborer and founded Fujii Junichi Shoten Ltd. in Honolulu. He carved out a large fortune by importing and selling goods from Japan such as food, kimono fabric and sundries. Further, he called brew masters from Nada, the famous district of producing sake in Hyogo Prefecture, and had them brew refined sake such as the “Fuji Masamune”.
After returning to Hiroshima, he purchased the building of the Sumitomo Bank Hiroshima Branch located downtown, and established Fujii Shoji, sundries import company in 1938. He was also very active in serving as the leader of the neighborhood association and other roles.
On August 6 of 1945, he was killed by the atomic bomb and the Fujii Shoji building was destroyed, which was located on the grounds of the present-day Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.