Japanese immigrants’ organization



The “Carlos Chiyoteru Hiraoka” Museum of Japanese Immigration to Peru exhibits panels about the process and context within which the first Japanese organizations came into being in Peru.
They were created in response to the need for organizations that could assist the Japanese immigrants to get mutually acquainted and help each other. The first groups came into being at each hacienda. Later, groups congregating the Japanese who came from the same prefecture (kenjinkai) or resided in the same neighborhoods emerged, with strong bonds having been established between them.
In a more formal way,the Japanese Fraternal Association (Nihonjin Doshikai) came into being in Lima in 1910; it subsequently changed its name to the Japanese Society of Peru(Peru Nihonjinkai). The Japanese Association (Nihonjin Kyokai) was also established in 1912.
Both organizations were merged leading to the creation of the Central Japanese Society of Peru in 1917. Its establishment set the pace for the creation of similar societies in other regions of the country.